When people think of football, they largely imagine a the giant, grass covered outdoor fields that are commonly used by NFL and NCAA play. In many peoples’ minds, these leagues represent the only way to play the game. What they don’t realize is that they’re missing out on hours of extremely high quality play, in places and at times of year that generally do not allow for football games. Indoor arena football can be just as compelling as traditional football games, and offer some additional benefits of their own. Here are some of the reasons indoor arena football can’t be beat when it comes to live games.

1. Cheaper Tickets

One of the best things about the fact that indoor football is still a sport that is growing in terms of fan base and popularity is that it is possible to get tickets and unbelievably low prices. This makes indoor football games a perfect way to relax at the end of a week without breaking the bank.

2. Smaller Field

While many people are disdainful of the smaller field size used in indoor football, the reduced amount of square footage actually intensifies the action. Defense is tighter, and the offensive team has to work harder to break through the defensive line, making plays more entertaining to watch.

3. Climate Controlled Environment

While few people admit to it, sitting outside in sub-zero temperatures is rarely a treat. Indoor football games are always held at a comfortable temperature, which means both the participants and the viewers are free of needless distraction.

In essence, indoor arena football is in many ways the perfect spectator sport. For those who are willing to break new ground and try novel things, it can be the perfect way to enjoy football without some of the traditional drawbacks.