When the subject of football comes up, some people have to listen for a moment to wonder and discover whether or not Americans are talking about their helmet and pads football, or if the topic is about international football that Americans call soccer. What many may not realize is that another form of football is present in many cities, and that is indoor arena football.

Indoor arena football is far more like helmet and pads football than it is soccer, as it is decidedly an American sport. However, the fields are typically smaller since they are in indoor arenas. This doesn’t detract from the sport though. In fact, the occasion is a little more intimate for the fans that attend. Indoor arenas seat fewer fans, but they seat them closer the field of play, so fans don’t have to crane their necks and follow the action on video screens because they are sitting so far away.

The environment can get a little more lively too, as indoor arenas contain the noise and keep it in the building. The echoes of the crowd are reflected within the building, and an inspired crowd’s energy can resonate with the team on the field. Comfort is assured in an indoor stadium too, as weather is not a factor. This only helps the crowd enjoy the experience even more.

The fact that arena football can be held in indoor arenas also means that cities without NFL teams get to enjoy the sport. That way local sports fans can get a taste of football while cheering for a local team without traveling to a bigger city and rooting for someone else’s team. Even some cities with NFL franchises have arena football teams that let fans enjoy football cheaper and sometimes outside of the traditional football season.