Indoor arena football became quite popular at one point several years back. It’s still popular, but there was a surge where more games were televised and more youth were paying attention to the league, which is the IFL. As you can imagine, there are many similarities between how football is played and handled when it comes to the IFL and the NFL. However, you can imagine there are many differences, too.

While the NFL is more popular and players get paid a lot more, the IFL is growing. I just was looking at how there are more teams joining the league in recent years. For example, during the 2011 season alone, there were seven new teams introduced. Now I remember when the NFL added two expansion teams when I was a kid, and I remember a few other moves, like the Oilers going to Nashville to become the Titans. However, I never remember the NFL introducing seven teams!

That’s quite a number that the IFL put up that season, and there have been many other signs of momentum as well. From wintertime to summertime, it’s time for indoor arena football and the IFL. What is your favorite team? Perhaps it’s the Colorado Crush.

No doubt there are many teams to choose from these days when looking at the IFL. You might have a team closer to you than you think if you haven’t heard about them already. It’s much easier to be a fan of the IFL, where games can be just as grand. Tickets are likely cheaper, and I would imagine it’s easier to get autographs and better seats. Get up close and personal with all the action. Does that sound good to you? It would be interesting to see how many games you could catch that are televised or available online as well.