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Clearing the Air about the 2017 Season

Arena football might not have the popularity, following, or sheer resources, money, and influence that the NFL has, but it still has a robust and rabidly loyal fanbase. While, at the time of writing, the league is in its offseason, that doesn’t mean dedicated fans aren’t paying attention. The 2017 arena football outlook is shaping up, and fans of the sport are certainly paying attention.

Even though teams might not take their respective fields of play during the offseason, there’s still plenty going on that fans can follow that impacts the 2017 arena football outlook. Which players are going to retire after the end of any season is almost the first thing to impact a team’s outlook. Other players that are free agents might also impact the team if they depart for another franchise or even another league, but this can sometimes be offset by new free agent signings or other uses of the payroll or salary cap freed up by departures.

The offseason is a necessary time for some players to stop licking their wounds and actually heal and recuperate. Surgical procedures that are either necessary or just good ideas happen often in the early offseason so that players have time to recover, rehab, and then still get into playing shape before the next season starts.

We spoke with a fan who owns an air duct cleaning company ( who used to be a player, and he was saying that many players rely on the offseason to improve their personal skills or individual game, since there’s so little time to do it in the regular season. Of course teams can improve themselves through free agent signings, trades, and even the annual draft of rookies from the amateur ranks.

The champions are rarely decided before the end of the actual playing season, but the offseason often determines which teams are primed to make a run for it.

Top Reasons To Love Indoor Arena Football

If you’ve never been to an indoor arena football game, you’re in for a real treat. This fast-paced game is exciting to watch, making it a great way to get your football fix during the off-season. Here are just a few of the reasons why you will most likely love this game if you give it a chance.

1. It is exciting and fast-paced. NFL football can be a bit boring to watch. There is a lot of downtime during a typical game where there isn’t much going on. Arena football, on the other hand, is fast-paced from start to finish, with something always happening on the field. Because the field is so much smaller than a regular football field, the action takes place much more quickly. The time between touchdowns is much smaller. Plus, the field itself is encased by walls, which adds to the excitement. Chances are you will never be bored watching an arena football game.

2. The tickets are extremely affordable. Rather than having to fork out hundreds of dollars to see an NFL game, you can spend your pocket change to go to an arena football game. In many cases, season tickets are under $100. You certainly can’t say that about NFL football. This makes it a great option if (more…)

What Is Indoor Arena Football?

In the United States, indoor arena football is played in indoor arenas that are similar in size to ice hockey arenas. The only exceptions are NFL teams that have indoor playing fields.

Although varied, the rules for this type of football are designed for games to be played in a much smaller arena. The season for this type of football typically begins by late winter and lasts until the middle of summer.

The History Of Indoor Arena Football

The first games to be documented were played in New York in 1903. The games were referred to as the World Series of Professional Football. These football games were played on a field that were 70 by 35, and the fields were made of dirt. However, the game was played according to the rules for outdoor football games in the fresh air. Unfortunately, the games were discontinued a few years later due to poor attendance numbers. A friend of mine who owns a Minneapolis Air Duct Cleaning company said those were the days when it was as raw as college ball, but I prefer the more refined game that it is now.

Arena Games

Although there have been a few attempts to make indoor football games a true sport, it was not recognized and widely accepted until Arena football was developed. The game was placed into development in the 1980s, and a test game was staged in Rockford, Illinois in 1986. After the test game, a demonstration season began the following year. These first games were televised on ESPN in 1987 as well.

The challenges involved making sure the game could be adopted to a field that is smaller in size than the NFL regulated field. Although AstroTurf is now considered the norm, it was a major issue when indoor arena football first began. However, the creator of the sport decided that artificial turf was easier to roll up and put away when other sports needed to be played.

The current indoor arena football teams play at levels that are semiprofessional or minor league. There have been some indoor arena players who have made the transition to professional football, and the sport continues to grow with the addition of new leagues.

Why Indoor Arena Football is Sometimes the Best Football Around

When people think of football, they largely imagine a the giant, grass covered outdoor fields that are commonly used by NFL and NCAA play. In many peoples’ minds, these leagues represent the only way to play the game. What they don’t realize is that they’re missing out on hours of extremely high quality play, in places and at times of year that generally do not allow for football games. Indoor arena football can be just as compelling as traditional football games, and offer some additional benefits of their own. Here are some of the reasons indoor arena football can’t be beat when it comes to live games.

1. Cheaper Tickets

One of the best things about the fact that indoor football is still a sport that is growing in terms of fan base and popularity is that it is possible to get tickets and unbelievably low prices. This makes indoor football games a perfect way to relax at the end of a week without breaking the bank.

2. Smaller Field

While many people are disdainful of the smaller field size used in indoor football, the reduced amount of square footage actually intensifies the action. (more…)

What Indoor Arena Football Gives Some Cities

When the subject of football comes up, some people have to listen for a moment to wonder and discover whether or not Americans are talking about their helmet and pads football, or if the topic is about international football that Americans call soccer. What many may not realize is that another form of football is present in many cities, and that is indoor arena football.

Indoor arena football is far more like helmet and pads football than it is soccer, as it is decidedly an American sport. However, the fields are typically smaller since they are in indoor arenas. This doesn’t detract from the sport though. In fact, the occasion is a little more intimate for the fans that attend. Indoor arenas seat fewer fans, but they seat them closer the field of play, so fans don’t have to crane their necks and follow the action on video screens because they are sitting so far away.

The environment can get a little more lively too, as indoor arenas contain the noise and keep it in the building. The echoes of the crowd are reflected within the building, and an inspired crowd’s energy can resonate with the team on the field. (more…)

Are You An Indoor Arena Football Fan?

Indoor arena football became quite popular at one point several years back. It’s still popular, but there was a surge where more games were televised and more youth were paying attention to the league, which is the IFL. As you can imagine, there are many similarities between how football is played and handled when it comes to the IFL and the NFL. However, you can imagine there are many differences, too.

While the NFL is more popular and players get paid a lot more, the IFL is growing. I just was looking at how there are more teams joining the league in recent years. For example, during the 2011 season alone, there were seven new teams introduced. Now I remember when the NFL added two expansion teams when I was a kid, and I remember a few other moves, like the Oilers going to Nashville to become the Titans. However, I never remember the NFL introducing seven teams!

That’s quite a number that the IFL put up that season, and there have been many other signs of momentum as well. From wintertime to summertime, it’s time for indoor arena football and the IFL. What is your favorite team? Perhaps it’s the Colorado Crush.

No doubt there are many teams to choose from these days when looking at the IFL. You might have a team closer to you than you think if you haven’t heard about them already. It’s much easier to be a fan of the IFL, where games can be just as grand. Tickets are likely cheaper, and I would imagine it’s easier to get autographs and better seats. Get up close and personal with all the action. Does that sound good to you? It would be interesting to see how many games you could catch that are televised or available online as well.

What’s up Arena Football Fans!

Hey there! Mike here with a new blog! I am a huge arena football fan – I love it more than the NFL or college ball. The speed and impact are what made me fall in love. The best teams are from Missouri – KC, MidMO Outlaws – they all rock. So I thought I would write about it and have some fun. Enjoy!